about the ‘Stadtzeichen’ project in general…

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An urban landmark…

is the projection of a drawing onto an urban landscape. The contour of such a construct is localised meter perfect within the cityscape and tagged with markers.
The number of markings obviously depends on the complexity of the drawing, where each marking mathematically defines a particular (anchor-)point of the given outline. Markers bear the image of the landmark, a reference to its geographical location and a link to a website with background information. It is thus possible to locate the landmark within the cityscape and in relation to oneself, in terms of its form, size and orientation.

‘Stadtzeichen’ have been realised in Berlin and Cologne and London. More (theRuhr-Valley and Strabourg) are under development.

An FAQ, compiled at the time when the Berlin project commenced (Sept. 2012) can be found here >>.